There are thousands of writers out there. So what makes us different? How will we ‘get you’, when others can’t? Here are five reasons we think we’ll click.

#1: Vanilla-free zone

Bland words kill brands. So what we do is all about adding life and colour to your communications. It could be a conversational touch, a smart turn of phrase, a poem or (every now and then) a pun. We’ll help you stand out.   

#2: A safe pair of hands

Being ‘safe’ may not sound exciting. But when you’ve got tough copy challenges and screaming deadlines, it can mean a load off your mind. And it’s why we’ve come to work with many of the UK and Europe’s biggest brands. What’s more, we’re open-minded, collaborative and we always welcome your feedback.

#3: A genuine team

Because we’re a team of writers (working together in a Georgian town house) we can share ideas and perspectives, comment on and critique each other’s work. Whatever it takes to make sure the final result is spot on.

#4: An eagle eye for detail

Everything we write is carefully proofed by at least one other writer. So that means no stray apostrophes or errant commas, just stress-free, accurate content. 

#5: One size doesn’t fit all

It may be stating the obvious, but every writer is different. Get the right person and everything is easy. Get it wrong and every word can become a struggle. Which is why, at Ink, we’re linguistic cupids: we’ll match your brand with the best fit from our team. 

Of course, we would say that. So, for an unbiased opinion, read some of our success stories.