Tone of voice is nothing new. It’s been around since brands first started talking. But it’s more important now than ever, because a) there’s a whole lot more competition, and b) brands are generating more content across more platforms.

Nail your tone of voice and you’ll grab your audience’s attention, build loyalty and give your team the confidence to speak up. But where do you (or we) begin?

This is how we work:


Every tone of voice project starts with you: your personality, vision, beliefs and bugbears. So, before we develop anything, we’ll get to the nub of your brand. And find out what makes you (and your audience) tick.


This stage can involve workshops, questionnaires and tone of voice ‘samplers’ to help us pin down your voice. We’ll also explore how your voice needs to flex for different audiences, messages and media.


Once we’ve agreed your voice, we’ll create guidelines, supported by easy-to-follow, annotated examples. These could be digital, printed, interactive, dynamic… Whatever form they take, we’ll make sure they’re clear, compelling and practical. 


Of course, guidelines are worthless unless they’re used. So, through training, exercises, copy clinics and even whole engagement programmes, we’ll make sure they never just gather digital dust.

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Tone of voice gallery

For a little inspiration, why not browse our tone of voice gallery? We’ve created a series of ‘mood boards’ where we’ve written the same message in six different styles. Which works for you?