Writing copy the Waitrose way

Giving the UK’s favourite supermarket a voice has to be one of our favourite projects. Over the years, we’ve helped Waitrose express its core principles and written taste bud-tempting copy for a whole host of products.

Tone of voice development

In 2010/2011 we developed the Waitrose tone of voice. This involved holding workshops with key people from across the partnership to pin down how they wanted to express their values. We also worked closely with Mytton Williams (one of our design agency friends) to create a set of useful – and beautiful – guidelines.


From customer-facing posters covering the brand’s ethical principles to signage, we’ve worked on lots of varied projects for the Waitrose marketing teams. Highlights include writing the packaging copy for over 150 products for the Duchy Originals line. Not to mention getting involved with the launch of Heston from Waitrose, with its now hallowed hidden orange Christmas pudding.

”I just love what Ink Copywriters and Mytton Williams have created. Witty and memorable images, combined with strong messaging, really give this a lot of flexibility to use through our many communication channels.” – Quentin Clark, Head of 
Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing