Talking the customer’s language

For the past three years we’ve provided copywriting support to Vodafone. Working with different teams across the company, we’ve rewritten notifications, named new products and helped develop their tone of voice – among other projects.

Improving the customer journey

Our biggest project for Vodafone to date has involved rewriting almost 3,000 texts, emails and letters to make them more human, clear and friendly. We’ve continued to write outbound notifications for both their consumer and enterprise customers.

Pinning down the message

From web pages to advertorials, new Vodafone projects are promoted in a variety of different ways. We’ve been there to keep the message consistent, writing messaging matrices covering headlines and short, medium and long versions of content for use in various communications.

Defining Vodafone’s tone of voice

Underpinning everything is the Vodafone tone of voice. Over the past few years, we’ve been helping the organisation define and roll-out their tone of voice. This has involved developing interactive guidelines and distance learning modules, alongside more traditional training workshops.