Simplifying the science behind the weather

Our relationship with the Met Office began when they asked us to launch a customer magazine to showcase the varied work they do and subtly sell their services. Now it’s more than 10 years on and we’re still working on every issue of Barometer magazine.

One of the biggest challenges for a science-led organisation such as the Met Office is to make the complex work they do accessible to a wide audience. Barometer has been incredibly successful in this, with in-depth articles on frequently technical subjects, all written to be easily understood by a non-scientific audience.

At Ink we’ve interviewed climate scientists and weather forecasters, astronomers and explorers, and written about subjects as varied as aircraft de-icing and the impact of solar flares. Not only has Barometer achieved widespread praise among both Met Office customers and employees, it’s been used to establish the tone of voice for the organisation as a whole.

“Remarkable yet dependable – even with difficult demands, Ink always stays in tune with our strategy and style. For me, it’s clear that writing is a source of inspiration for Ink” – Jon Stanford Communications Manager