Untangling financial speak

We’ve been working with Lloyds Banking Group since 2007. In that time, we’ve developed the tone of voice for three different brands within the group – and helped staff across all of them put our guidelines into practice.

Tone of voice development

Banks and building societies have a bit of an image problem. Over the past decade, they’ve lost both trust and emotional connection with their customers. Lloyds Banking Group came to Ink to help Halifax stand out – not just in the wider marketplace, but within the group.

We developed a new tone back in 2009, then refreshed it twice more as the bank’s brand direction reacted to changes in the economic environment. We’ve since developed the tone of voice for Bank of Scotland and Scottish Widows, too.

Copywriting and training

After defining the tone for each brand, we were asked to help roll it out. That’s involved hundreds of projects spanning web copy, banking brochures (covering current accounts, mortgages, investments etc.) and customer letters. By providing specialist training for Lloyds Banking Group in elements such as letter writing, social media and web writing, we’ve helped them put words into action.