Tone of voice touchpoints

It can take time to develop a tone of voice for your brand – a way of speaking that belongs to your business. But once you’ve got it pinned down, how can you get it to work harder and stretch further?

As holiday season approaches, now seems a good time to take a look at hotel and luxury brands. The most effective brands make the most of every guest ‘touch point’ so that their personality shines through in all their communications. It’s not just about the brochure and website, it’s the signage, welcome page, toiletries, laundry card and more…

It’s the little things…

Smaller boutique hotels can be particularly good at extending their tone of voice throughout their communications and beyond. Berlin’s Michel Berger hotel has a distinctive tone of voice – cool, friendly and playful – just like the place itself. And it’s everywhere to be seen, from the ‘do not disturb’ signs – that read ‘we are snoozing/ talking/ moonwalking/debating/ shagging…and the list goes on – to the labels on the complimentary bottles of water. Michel Berger’s voice comes through loud and clear.

Closer to home, The Halcyon in Bath (with a little help from Ink) uses cheeky, down-to-earth copy to show it’s a hotel that’s city savvy.

Making your voice heard

Larger groups are getting in on the act too, such as Malmaison, the self-styled ‘hotels that dare to be different’. Their bespoke toiletries are, quite literally, crying out to be taken home. In fact, the labels tell you to do just that.

With this in mind, why not use your tone of voice to shout about your brand in more unlikely places…

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