Time for a copy clear out?

Rogue apostrophes, rickety content, out-of-date marketing messages… As a website evolves, it’s amazing how messy it can get. With spring upon us, now is the perfect time to take a fresh look at your web content and spruce it up.

In the office or studio it’s fairly easy to spot the problem: filing cabinets are overflowing, screens are grubby, and there’s a strange smell emanating from the fridge. But with your online copy, it can be harder to see what’s going wrong. After all, the home page looks fine. It’s only when you dig deeper that things get a bit whiffy.

At Ink, we’ve donned our digital marigolds and helped numerous clients clean up their content. But, if you prefer to go the DIY route, here are some of the most important things to consider:

Check your use-by dates

Because web copy is relatively easy to add or edit, it’s remarkable how long out-of-date content can stay in circulation. Check the simple things like phone numbers, email addresses, contact names and client lists. And make sure your site is free of broken links.

Give everything a polish

Often sites evolve more by accident than design. A new section is added here. A page is extended there. A micro-site is bolted on. And, before you know it, you have a hotchpotch of different tones from various divisions of the business. Now is the time to cull pages you no longer need and to rewrite content that’s inconsistent – making sure it follows your brand guidelines.

Double-check the details

Is every i dotted and t crossed? Have you checked for renegade apostrophes? Errors can slip through and remain on a site for months or even years. They may seem small to you, but to a prospective customer these little details can make a huge difference.

And finally, smarten up your SEO

SEO is constantly changing as Google develops new rules and restrictions. So, while you’re reviewing your content, take a moment to check how your site is performing. Are your terms still relevant? Could you add new search phrases or tweak some headlines? If you’re slipping down the search engine rankings, it may be time for a more in-depth, SEO-intensive spring clean.

As with any big clean-up, many hands make light work. So develop a plan, highlight the key issues, and get your team on board. And, if you want your site to sparkle like new, don’t forget that you can always call in the experts.