10 years and counting

From texts to tweets: how technology has changed the way we communicate

Let’s jump back to 2005. The world’s best-selling phone didn’t have a camera. Facebook was taking its first few steps outside of US Ivy League colleges. And few people had heard of such a thing as a selfie.

10 years on and we live in a world of smartphones, tablets and instant connectivity. Where people and brands snap photos, make videos, write blogs – and share everything instantly with an online audience of millions.

From new words to new ways of getting the message across, here are just some of the ways technology has changed the way we communicate.

Reaching out

Facebook. Twitter. Whatsapp. Snapchat. Youtube. Vine. Pinterest. The list goes on. With so many new channels of communication available, it’s important for brands to know how to make themselves heard. For instance, customers use these networks to socialise – how can you join in successfully? Few people like to see their social media feeds clogged up with ‘hard sell’ promotions. You have to think differently, and create content that people engage with.

Making conversation

The growth of social media means that brands don’t just talk to customers – customers talk back. This creates a dialogue where companies can respond directly to questions and share interesting content to strengthen their identity.

This means that brands need to be clued up on the platforms their customers are using – and create content that fits. The rewards can be great, but so can the risks. Particularly when it comes to handling complaints, as poorly judged responses can now be viewed and shared many times over.

Short and sweet

Xtrm vrsns of txt spk might be a thing of the past. But many acronyms and abbreviations, including LOL and ‘totes’ still have a place on social media platforms such as Twitter, where brevity is everything.

For brands, the challenge can come from saying what they want to say in a limited space – and still remain true to their tone of voice. Even webpages can feel the squeeze. Now that people browse on the go from mobiles and tablets, web content has to work harder to hold the attention – or risk the criticism ‘TLDR’.

Some things never change

While technology has created new ways to get the message out, the essentials of brand communication remain the same: know your audience – and craft the right messages, in the right tone of voice. From pithy tweets to attention-grabbing web copy, we’re here to help.